BOSQUE Alta Montaña is our tribute to Cerro Dos Picos (Río Tigre Valley, Chubut), recognized as the best gin in the world in 2022 by the World Gin Awards after being chosen as the best gin in Argentina and competing with distillates from 40 countries. In 2023, it continued to earn accolades and was selected as the Best of the Americas by The Gin Guide, the prestigious competition that chooses its winners through a rigorous blind tasting and unique scoring process.

During our initial plantations with ReforestArg by the shores of Lake Cholila, the sight of Cerro Dos Picos, with its imposing and inspiring presence, became a symbol of our mission: to spread awareness about the beauty of this valley and promote its conservation in the face of its recurring wildfires.

"In one of our early reforestation adventures, those two peaks were the image that pushed us forward every time we lifted our heads after planting a sapling. The view of the highest point in Chubut helped us understand where we stood. It was then that Alta Montaña was conceived, a gin designed to warm the body and celebrate the spirit of exploration." –Bruno Ananía, Product and Innovations Director

With its 53% alcoholic content, BOSQUE Alta Montaña is a sophisticated gin, perfect for savoring in cocktails. An elaborated gin that has opened doors for us to top restaurants, bars, and hotels and positioned us in the gastronomic scene as a premium distillate.

  • World’s Best Contemporary
    World Gin Awards

  • Best in South America
    The Gin Guide Awards

  • Gold Medal
    The Gin Masters

  • Double Gold Medal
    Paris Wine and Spirits Trophy

  • Gold Medal
    San Francisco World Wine and
    Spirits Competition


  • Gold Medal
    USA Spirits Ratings

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Bosque Alta Montaña


  • 6.26 oz BOSQUE Alta Montaña Gin
  • 0.51 oz Bianco Vermouth
  • 0.51 oz Dry Vermouth
  • 1.35 oz Olive Oil
  • 1 unit (garnish) Cocktail olives
Bosque Alta Montaña

Wild Dusk

  • 1.52 oz BOSQUE Alta Montaña Gin
  • 1.52 oz Elderberry nectar
  • 1.52 oz Lime Juice
  • 1.52 oz Crème de cassis
  • 1 unit Wildflowers over ice
Bosque Alta Montaña

Mountain Express

  • 1.52 oz BOSQUE Alta Montaña Gin
  • 0.68 oz Coffee extract
  • 0.51 oz Cardamom Honey
  • 1 dash Chocolate Bitters
  • 1 unit (garnish) Lemon peel coin over a 5x5 ice cube
Bosque Alta Montaña

Forest Martini

  • 2.03 oz BOSQUE Alta Montaña Gin
  • 1.01 oz Fortified Dry Vermouth (juniper + coriander)
  • 2 dashes Bitter orange
  • 1 unit (garnish) Orange twist over a 5x5 ice cube